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Towards Responsible Innovation




CET promotes responsible design and use of technology

The Center for Ethics of Technology (CET) is a Polish think&do tank, run under the auspices of the Humanites Institute, advocating human and environment friendly innovations.

We want technologies to be aligned with the commonly shared principles and values. We show how to include them in the design of digital tools. We also create a platform for dialogue for a wide range of stakeholders.

CET’s goals

Responsible design of technology

Platform for debate on tech ethics

Critical insight into tech narratives

Advocacy for appropriate legislation


Towards Responsible Innovation

We want innovations to be beneficial to the whole society. This is why we promote integration and collaboration of different communities on the design, implementation and use of digital tools. We popularize standards and best practices concerning responsible development of technologies and put stress on the right education.

We scrutinize technologies’ impact on individual and social life in their different aspects. We are convinced that technological progress is not determined by forces being out of human control and that we can influence its direction. We also believe that technology should be regarded in its broader context: economic, social and political.


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Maciej Chojnowski

Program Director

Program Council


Zofia Dzik

Chair of the Program Council (Humanites Institute)

Fotki CET

Prof. Barbara Chyrowicz

Faculty of Philosophy at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Fotki CET (2)

Małgorzata Darowska

Solidarity Transport Hub Poland

Fotki CET (3)

Dr. Dominika Kaczorowska-Spychalska

Centre Mixer of Smart Technologies Faculty of Management University of Lodz

Robert Kroplewski

Robert Kroplewski

AI HLEG, Chancellery of the Prime Minister


Jowita Michalska

Digital University, Singularity University

Fotki CET (4)

Justyna Orłowska

GovTech Poland, Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Piotr Sankowski

Prof. Piotr Sankowski

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw, The National Centre for Research and Development, MIM Solutions, IDEAS NCBR

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photo: Dariusz Iwanski
phone: 0048 601 362 305

Dr. Robert Sroka

Abris Capital Partners


Jan Szuster

Pirs Creative Lab

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Dr. Sebastian Szymański

Faculty of Artes Liberales at the University of Warsaw, Council for Digital Affairs – Chancellery of the Prime Minister

prof. Katarzyna Śledziewska

Prof. Katarzyna Śledziewska

Digital Economy Lab at the University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw


Jan Zygmuntowski

Kozminski University, Instrat – Foundation for Strategic Initiatives

Humanites Institute

Humanites Institute

CET is part of the Humanites Institute, which has been working in a systemic way for integrated development for over 10 years, embracing the subject of humanity and technology in a wide social ecosystem including, i.a. business, education, culture and family.


Center for Ethics of Technology

Instytut Humanites

Think&do Tank – Człowiek i Technologia

ul. Nowogrodzka 56/7

00-695 Warszawa

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Maciej Chojnowski - Program Director

Zofia Dzik - Chair of the Program Council (Humanites Institute)

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