About The Center
for Ethics
of technology

The Center for Ethics of Technology (CET) is a Polish think&do tank,
run under the auspices of the Humanites Institute, advocating
human and environment friendly innovations

CET’s Mission

We want innovations to be beneficial to the whole society. This is why we promote integration and collaboration of different communities on the design, implementation and use of digital tools. We show how common basic values can be embedded in technology.

We popularize standards and best practices concerning the responsible development of technologies. We put stress on the right education so that future engineers and entrepreneurs understand ethical challenges accompanying their work, and collaborate with users on safe solutions.


We scrutinize technologies’ impact on individual and social life in their different aspects. We think critically but according to common sense. In our view, neither technooptimistic nor apocalyptic visions of the future properly reflect the problems that humanity will have to face soon.

We are convinced that technological progress is not determined by forces being out of human control and that we can steer it in the right direction. We also believe that technology should be analysed in a wider context: economic, social and political.


Challenges in the digital age

Digital technologies not only provide great opportunities but also pose serious risks in different areas of our individual, social and economic lives. Here are some of them:

fake-news (1)

Disinformation and manipulation

Icons made by Good Ware from

Invigilation and profiling (growing digital footprint)


Loss of privacy


Discrimination and exclusion


Diminished sense of agency


Lack of digital competencies


Social atomization, online loneliness and digital addictions

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Mental and physical health problems


Growing carbon footprint due to expanding ICT infrastructure


Market monopolization

CET’s vision

At CET, we believe that respect for law, technical robustness and high ethical standards will be crucial in a mature digital economy

In the future, tech companies will gain a competitive edge by making human and environment-friendly products. We foresee that building technology in compliance with ethical standards will become an important component of the design of digital tools.

Decision-makers and consumers will consciously choose technologies that cause no harm to people or the environment, exert a positive influence on tech companies and cooperate with them so that technology can be beneficial for all.



CET’s goals

Responsible design of technology

We want technologies to be designed and used transparently and with the inclusion of different stakeholders’ points of view.

Platform for debate on tech ethics

We integrate different communities to discuss the issues of tech ethics and the desired direction of technological development.

Critical insight into tech narratives

We scrutinize actions of different interest groups in the tech domain and the impact technology has on society, economy and politics.

Advocacy for appropriate legislation

We want tech legislation to be shaped according to the ethics of technology.

CET’s foundational ideas

Examination of technological development cannot neglect a broad spectrum of technology’s impact on economy, society and environment; evaluating technology only through the lens of GDP or market capitalization of tech companies is untenable.

Ethical innovations should improve the conditions of human life and reduce the external costs in society and environment.

Eethical framing of technologies cannot ignore questions about their goals and use with regard to individual and social development.

It concerns technology’s impact on the public sphere and a need for a civic engagement to properly shape the future of technology.

With regard to technology trustworthiness means being lawful, ethical and robust (in technical and social terms).

It covers not only principles and values but also law, economy, culture and society. It’s both the responsibility of engineers as well as business people, decision makers and regular users.

The concept of sustainable development underlines the interdependence between economy, society and environment in the global development context. It is also crucial in terms of technology’s impact assessment.

Enveloping technology means defining boundaries in which it can be used without a risk of causing harm to its surroundings.

Inclusion of values in a technological context means taking ethical perspective during the design, implementation and use of technology as well as wide participation of different stakeholders.

Developmental strategies should be aimed at integrity, and cover the individual, family and communal areas as well as the educational, professional and cultural ones.

Center for Ethics of Technology

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